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an excerpt from a library of cast objects

     An exhibition of casts both ancient and modern in plaster, bronze, iron, lead and wax



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Casts taken from items in the British Museum, a collection of plaster life casts of fruits, vegetables and fungi, a selection of votives and direct casts of animals, fish and birds.  


Works by

Andy Broadbent - Clara Collings - Georgia Colman - Alice Forward - Jane Fox - Mark Halliday - Anna Hayes -    Viv McCarthy - Jim Racine - Louise Short - Caroline Taylor - Becky Whitmore - Gareth Williams - and  special mystery guest artist EP



an excerpt from a library of cast objects

Saturday and Sunday, 2nd & 3rd August 2014.

11am - 6pm.


Viewings at other times during week commencing 4th August are welcome by appointment.  Call 01267 275449 or email.